Friday, June 4, 2010

"Who is this guy and why should I be reading this blog?"

I thought that it'd be appropriate, before I sink my teeth into the blog-o-sphere for the very first time, that I give a little insight as to who will be manning this ship, so to speak, SO without any Freddy Adu....

My name is Trevor Wright. I am 25 years young and I am currently a resident of Los Angeles, CA (Studio City to be exact) of just over 4 months now. I live with a roommate, who happens to have a literal library of movies at my disposal, and we are both actors. We made the move down here from our humble beginnings in northern California to pursue our aspirations in the film industry.

I hope to make a professional career for myself in film/stage/television (clearly I am not picky) in just about all aspects of entertainment. Not only do I wish to act but I am currently writing a screenplay with my roommate, with at least a handful of other ideas to hopefully be put to paper, and I aspire to direct, perform improv comedy, and standup comedy. I've even tried my hand at editing silly homemade movies thru my iMovie app on my computer and, in doing so, have come to realize that I enjoy editing a LOT. Who knows? If all the aforementioned professions don't pan out I may just turn my focus to editing. Or just include it to the laundry list of things I hope to do (clearly I am not greedy either).

Let's see....I drive a saweet 1991 Honda Accord, which was originally owned by a little old lady from Pasadena (no srsly, there is no pun or reference intended there), so it's sort of back home I guess. I am currently single, yet always ready to mingle *rubs hands together creepily*, but not entirely looking to settle down. Unless your name happens to be Megan Fox. In which case, I'd be willing to do just about anything. Life has been pretty slow and uneventful for me down here so far.

While I'd rather exaggerate and make up stories about all the crazy shenanigans I am getting myself into down here, sadly, it is just not the case. Not yet. Because most of my time, so far, has been spent occupying the apartment, I've been able to take advantage of the movie collection we have going on here. My roommate and I are more or less self-proclaimed movie buffs. In fact, he might very well be one, and I am just beginning to explore movies I would have otherwise never known existed. A good number of my friends and I always like to play a game called Movie BOMB, especially if we're in a show together. The premise of the game is one person will start out by naming any movie they can think of, let's say Mars Attacks, and so the next person in order (which is previously agreed upon before the game starts) will have to name an actor or actress from that movie. Let's say they mention Jack Nicholson. Now, the next person in line will have to then name another movie in which Jack Nicholson has also appeared in, and the game continues in that sort of trend. Actors can only be used once but movies can be used multiple times, although it is encouraged to keep it fresh. The only reason I mention ANY of that is to help illustrate the fact that my roommate knows way too many movies and actors and if we ever play Movie BOMB he never seems to lose. Playing Movie BOMB with him is no fun at all. He'll name drop obscure movies and actors just because he likes to flex his movie knowledge. So, hopefully that helps you comprehend just how many movies I have at my disposal here.....

As I mentioned before, because I've been watching a lot more movies lately, I began to make comments on Facebook about each one right after having viewed it. Eventually, a few friends on Facebook encouraged me to start my own blog discussing movies. I laughed off the idea at first thinking that no one really wants to hear my snobbish retorts about some they? Who knows? YOU happen to be reading this so maybe you're interested.

I realize I've divulged only minor details about myself, although I suspect most people reading this will be people who know me well enough already, so I can understand if that's not enough to peak your interest. How about this? What if I tell you I'll not only be reviewing and discussing movies, with the utmost of invitations for you to join in on the fun, but I'll try to provide entertainment qualities such as trivia facts, guess-that-movie-from-the-quote type of games, and perhaps even a round or two of Movie BOMB? Interested now??

Ultimately I hope to make this a place where movies are the topic or the, er, scuttlebutt. I realize this blog is rather basic by all accounts but, rest assured, as I grow more accustomed to blogging expect changes to occur. Anyone is welcome to join in on the fun so don't be shy! Clearly I can go on-and-on and when it comes to movies I'll never pass up the opportunity for a conversation! SO, welcome and enjoy!


Ransuroto said...

So long as you NEVER become a Lakers fan, I'll be okay with you enjoying LA!

Of course, if you do ever become a Lakers fan, I'll have to disown you. Or better yet! I'll pull a Doug Christie vs Rick Fox on you!

T-Rev said...

Haha oh no worries man. No Laker love from me. You probably already know, but they just won ANOTHER championship last night. I expected to hear a lot more ruckus last night but I guess I am too far away from the epicenter that is Staples Center.